Talent Spot | Talent Acquisition vs Recruitment Services: Which One Is Best for Your Company?

Talent Spot | Talent Acquisition vs Recruitment Services: Which One Is Best for Your Company?

Have you considered recruitment services to meet your staffing needs? If you haven't, these services may help you hire the right candidate while lowering your company's cost-per-hire. Maybe you've considered hiring an staffing agency in the past, but aren't sure what services you need.

Your company might need a talent acquisition or recruitment service. Many professionals believe both services are the same, but that isn't true. Not sure what the difference is between talent acquisition vs recruitment? We have you covered. We'll tell you the basics about these services and how they differ.

Before going into the differences between these terms, we'll discuss the basics. What is talent recruitment? What is talent acquisition?

The term talent recruitment refers to the process of finding a candidate to fill a vacancy. It can be a new or recently vacated position. In contrast, talent acquisition leans towards developing a pool of candidates.

The acquisition process focuses on finding the right candidates with a certain skill set. When a company uses this approach, they're able to fill challenging positions faster at a lower cost-per-hire.

Here are three ways in which talent acquisition differs from talent recruitment:

1. Strategic Planning
Talent acquisition is a marathon when compared to talent recruitment. It takes time to develop the right talent acquisition plan for a company. Talent acquisition recruiters take a deep look at your current and future business needs.

Not all companies need this approach. Yet, most businesses benefit from planning and taking diverse labor markets into consideration to meet their staffing needs.

2. Company Branding
The ideal candidate will fit your company brand. When a company uses talent acquisition, the staffing agency will showcase the company brand to the candidates.

The agency will help create a positive company reputation and culture. Today, employees want to work for companies that meet their vision. Talent acquisition will show your candidates why they should work for your company instead of your competitors.

3. Uses Analytics to Improve Your Hiring Process
Analytics and metrics are essential to improving any company. Talent acquisition plans will measure and analyze key metrics to improve your recruitment system. Analytics help your company make the better hiring decisions while bringing in the best talent.

Bottom Line
Hiring the right job placement services for your company can lower your employee turnover and save you money. Before contacting a staffing agency, it's important to assess your company's staffing needs.

Does your company want to keep a pool of possible talent? Do you need to fill a certain vacancy? What is your budget for these services?

These questions can help you decide if talent acquisition or talent recruitment is the best option for your company. The right staffing agency will develop the best hiring plan for your company.