human resource Management

human resource Management

Mr. Zhong Kefeng, a senior headhunting consultant, believes that human resources management is an effective application of relevant human resources within and outside the organization through the management of recruitment, selection, training, and remuneration under the guidance of economics and humanism, to meet the current and future development of the organization. Need to ensure the organization's goal to achieve and maximize the development of members.

Human resource management is the whole process of predicting organizational human resource requirements and making manpower demand plans, recruiting selected personnel and conducting effective organization, assessing performance payment and effective incentives, and combining the needs of organizations and individuals for effective development in order to achieve optimal organizational performance.

The academic community generally divides human resources management into eight modules or six modules: 1. Human resource planning; 2. Recruitment and configuration; 3. Training and development; 4. Performance management; 5. Compensation and welfare management; 6. Labor relationship management. Interpret the core ideas of the six modules of human resource management to help business owners grasp the essence of employee management and human resource management.

Human Resource Management (HRM) Human resources: refers to the total labor capacity of a population within a certain scope, or the intellectual and physical labor ability that can promote the entire economic and social development. The sum of the people.

Human resource management refers to the use of modern scientific methods to rationally train, organize and deploy manpower combined with certain material resources, so that manpower and material resources are always kept at the optimal proportion, and at the same time, people's thoughts, psychology and behaviors are properly Inducing, controlling and coordinating, giving full play to people's subjective initiative, enabling people to do their best, to get things right, to meet people's needs, and to achieve organizational goals.

Human resource management refers to the process of using scientific methods to coordinate the relationship between people and things, to deal with the contradiction between people, to give full play to people's potential, to enable people to do their best, to get things right, to meet people's needs, and to achieve organizational goals.